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My first Micro-controller program and this is how it was started.

I always have interest in electronics and i think in 1994 i got an physics book from some where that i don't remember now. Everyday after school i read it and got more interested on it even though i don't understand what its all about. Day by day small radios are disassembled and experimented how it works and able to fix the issues. When i was in grade eight till ten i don't have any interest in studying any subject that i feel useless. More and more focus to physics and math but 99% is always physics specially the electronics chapters.

Couple of friends from school know that i know electronics some how and we share what we built and ideas. Those days Internet or PC is not available for me but a friend have i PC and i used to visit him and he knows some computer skills. we spent time on dial-up Internet in IRC. :)

One day my physics teacher asked me do you like electronics? i said yes i do and i want to learn more. So he told if you love electronics i can help you to meet…

Clover Display M302 hack

Its been a while i have this LCD and today i thought of connecting the LCD display to Arduino. Unfortunately i could not found any pin outs of this from any where and from the manufacture. Actually this is very old model which i got from old FAX machine and this display is a very cheap from online sources.
Clover Display M302 PCB Ver 1.0 (16x2) which has 10 pin flat cable. After researching for a while from the internet i have seen in many forums people are asking for help on how to connect it and what is the pin configurations? so i thought of helping them as well as my self at the same time.
After going through some of my old collections of Russian data of displays and things i found a basic diagram of how 10 pin LCD display configuration. 
PIN1   - VSS PIN2   - VDD PIN3   - CONTRAST PIN4   - RS PIN5   - R/W PIN6   - ENABLE PIN7   - DB4 PIN8   - DB5 PIN9   - DB6 PIN10 - DB7
I tried these configurations and wired up to the arduino with the LCD sketch and it worked on the first try. …