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Interface GPS to your PSP

This cool..try this at your home hehehe..
You don't have to worry about your ware abouts.

Following wire colors are used in the official PSP remote accesory cable, which can be used for this DYI project:
1 = gray
2 = yellow
3 = ---
4 = green
5 = ---
6 = ---

7 = brown
8 = orange
9 = blue
10 = --
11 = --
12 = --

[] white
[] red
[] copper

Software GPS
You have to login to the forum in order to download it.

Microchip gives staff the lowdown on pupils

Children are being tracked by micro-chips embedded in their uniforms in a trial at a secondary school.The devices are used to monitor pupils’ movements and register their arrival in class on the teacher’s computer. Supply teachers can also be alerted if a student is likely to misbehave.The chip connects with teachers’ computers to show a photograph of the pupil, data about academic performance and whether he or she is in the correct classroom. It can also restrict access to areas of the school. The radio frequency identification system is being tested at Hungerhill School in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Ten pupils began wearing a chip sewn into their uniforms eight months ago.The scheme has drawn criticism from human rights campaigners. “Tagging is what we do to criminals we let out of prison early,” said David Cleater, from Leave Them Kids Alone, which campaigns against the finger-printing of pupils. “It is appalling.”Graham Wakeling, the head teacher, denied that the school was adopt…

Technology is going too far

Now technology is going from micro to nano and beyond. Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories- Have developed a Lilliputian "machines" operating inside living cells. A robot which is smaller than a dime. It was so amazing..i got the video from there website.
This little fella have a an 8K memory processor as its brain and almost all type of sensors, gas sensors, a cam, microphone and collision detection. I think you guys will love this. I will give the links and you can see more info.


See this nano car. This is world smallest human made living machine. Size of a rice.hehe nice dhoa.. enjoy this nice tech. See below link for more information.


Google maps API

I thought it will very tough to code using Google maps API, but it was simple. I choose javascript API method and it was very cool. I gave the coordinates and map mode (MAPS, Satellite or Hybrid) my choice was Satellite view and after that did some zooming. Everything was done from the code and the result was very accurate and perfect. Still digging and experimenting different formats of GPS data.

If you want to try Google maps API try these links:
Google for more information

GPS drive test ---video

Enjoy the view..

GPS model

I have seen few comments which shows the interest on GPS post. So i have decide to give the model number of the GSM/GPS module. Sony Ericsson GR47 is the module that i am using. If you want more technical information, google it and you will see many data about it.

GPS drive test in male'

Click the image for a better view

Tonight me, whoknowz, sheyh, and nizam went for a GPS drive test and it was awesome. We placed the GPS in the car and connected to a laptop with internet to load google earth. We saw every turn we made and the speed we are traveling, it was a successful test and we hope to do a full test tomorrow night. Until then goodnight and see ya tomorrow.

GPS on test

Last night i got an GPS module from a friend and i always in search of a GPS module for experimenting. Thanks dude for it. Today me and whoknowz did some hacks on and we interface that to a PC to get the NMEA GPS data from the module. Still there are more test with google earth and GSM remote thing is on hold cause i need to get some IC's.