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Wana try Rails

Almost in AJAX

Interface GPS to your PSP

Microchip gives staff the lowdown on pupils

Technology is going too far

Google maps API

GPS drive test ---video

GPS model

GPS drive test in male'

GPS on test

GSM-Remote (Test phase 1)

GSM Remote - Design Stage started

GSM Remote on progress


GSM Remote

iPhone Hacked by George Hotz

RF Remote

I need...

RF Communication - END

RF Communication cont...

RF Communication - Test circuit

Model Mobile phone

FaceBook - Another addiction

Hello everyone


PCB Development Chem Test

Season Break

A Keypad with a brain

Input Shift Register mod

Input Shift Registers


Voltmeter completed


Stock arrived

Cut down the shift code

Infrared(Invisible light)

Propeller Clock...cont

Propeller clock begins

Writing an library to shiftregister...continued

Writing an library to shiftregister.


RS232- Serial communication.

Hot n Cold....

ADC- Analog to Digital Converter

Blog AD on LCD

μ -Stepper motor controller

Voltmeter continued

Voltage monitoring from Microcontroller

My new power supply.

PWM, Fan controller

PIC Board..