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Wana try Rails

I wana try this framework once i get enough time for experiment it. People talk about rails..i first saw it from fedora and now wana try the bitch. keke
Later more updates..........

Almost in AJAX

After few months away from web application developing, i want to experience new technologies. I hope AJAX is well known to all programmers. I guess AJAX is old, because normally we combine PHP, XML etc.. with JavaScript for ages. I have experienced it few times and its really kool using AJAX.
These days i am developing an Internal Web based Reservation systems with AJAX included. I think its better to try it and experience the new breeds. There are some frameworks like Prototype which will make easy to use AJAX. Lets rock the multimedia world..yeah...

Interface GPS to your PSP

This cool..try this at your home hehehe..
You don't have to worry about your ware abouts.

Following wire colors are used in the official PSP remote accesory cable, which can be used for this DYI project:
1 = gray
2 = yellow
3 = ---
4 = green
5 = ---
6 = ---

7 = brown
8 = orange
9 = blue
10 = --
11 = --
12 = --

[] white
[] red
[] copper

Software GPS
You have to login to the forum in order to download it.

Microchip gives staff the lowdown on pupils

Children are being tracked by micro-chips embedded in their uniforms in a trial at a secondary school.The devices are used to monitor pupils’ movements and register their arrival in class on the teacher’s computer. Supply teachers can also be alerted if a student is likely to misbehave.The chip connects with teachers’ computers to show a photograph of the pupil, data about academic performance and whether he or she is in the correct classroom. It can also restrict access to areas of the school. The radio frequency identification system is being tested at Hungerhill School in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Ten pupils began wearing a chip sewn into their uniforms eight months ago.The scheme has drawn criticism from human rights campaigners. “Tagging is what we do to criminals we let out of prison early,” said David Cleater, from Leave Them Kids Alone, which campaigns against the finger-printing of pupils. “It is appalling.”Graham Wakeling, the head teacher, denied that the school was adopt…

Technology is going too far

Now technology is going from micro to nano and beyond. Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories- Have developed a Lilliputian "machines" operating inside living cells. A robot which is smaller than a dime. It was so amazing..i got the video from there website.
This little fella have a an 8K memory processor as its brain and almost all type of sensors, gas sensors, a cam, microphone and collision detection. I think you guys will love this. I will give the links and you can see more info.


See this nano car. This is world smallest human made living machine. Size of a rice.hehe nice dhoa.. enjoy this nice tech. See below link for more information.


Google maps API

I thought it will very tough to code using Google maps API, but it was simple. I choose javascript API method and it was very cool. I gave the coordinates and map mode (MAPS, Satellite or Hybrid) my choice was Satellite view and after that did some zooming. Everything was done from the code and the result was very accurate and perfect. Still digging and experimenting different formats of GPS data.

If you want to try Google maps API try these links:
Google for more information

GPS drive test ---video

Enjoy the view..

GPS model

I have seen few comments which shows the interest on GPS post. So i have decide to give the model number of the GSM/GPS module. Sony Ericsson GR47 is the module that i am using. If you want more technical information, google it and you will see many data about it.

GPS drive test in male'

Click the image for a better view

Tonight me, whoknowz, sheyh, and nizam went for a GPS drive test and it was awesome. We placed the GPS in the car and connected to a laptop with internet to load google earth. We saw every turn we made and the speed we are traveling, it was a successful test and we hope to do a full test tomorrow night. Until then goodnight and see ya tomorrow.

GPS on test

Last night i got an GPS module from a friend and i always in search of a GPS module for experimenting. Thanks dude for it. Today me and whoknowz did some hacks on and we interface that to a PC to get the NMEA GPS data from the module. Still there are more test with google earth and GSM remote thing is on hold cause i need to get some IC's.

GSM-Remote (Test phase 1)

Today i completed the DTMF decoding circuit and interface it to the micro controller and DTMF tone was generated by the PC and fed to the decoder. After all the connections i wrote a test code for micro controller to get the decoded signal. With an interrupt i manage to get the decoded values from the tone generated.
To view what i am getting i connected the LCD and found some problems and after a while i menage to fix it. from the flow you can see how it works. Then i have to test this from a mobile phone and for that i need to make a small preamplifier to control the volume.

GSM Remote - Design Stage started

After few days of busy office works i menage to start the designing of DTMF decoding part. This part will be interface to an micro controller to identify which key the user has pressed when he or she was on the call and trigger the given functions.. so hope there is muh to think so untill then please hold on..

GSM Remote on progress

Finally i got an Siemens C45 mobile phone. when i got it , it was also kind of dead (not functioning well) so i took the PCB and after some cleaning and heat up the fella works fine. I did some changers to the SIM socket location and wired the battery points. Today i tested the battery charging part and it also works fine.
Have to make a small circuit for charging part and DTMF decoding part. The interesting part will be the serial connection between micro controller and the phone by which it can be controlled.


I am sorry say there is a huge delay to start the mobile remote project. Problem is the phone i got have a network issues so it will take some days to fix or i will find another one..until then it will be on hold..

GSM Remote

Its been few days that i was trying to get a damage mobile phone, any model is fine for the purpose that i need. Luckily i got a NOKIA 1100, which is an old series of nokia. The phone was in a terrible condition. I mean it was taken from water and some parts of the PCB was getting corroded.

I did some clean up work and wala.. it was well cleaned enough. So i did some research on the nokia 1100 PCB and connected the voltage links and gave 4V and it was on but nothing on the screen. screen is damage, which i don't need later but at start i need it so i fixed and put my SIM and it appears NO SIM INSERTED.. so i did fix that problem and wala.. the phone works fine.

Tonight i will take some pictures of it and post it here.. next step is little hard but will try it. Tonight nokia MBUS/FBUS will be wired and interface to my Laptop for further investigations..keke so keep on peeping.

iPhone Hacked by George Hotz

Its a great news to everyone who need an iPhone. George have hacked the i phone and he officially proved it. He is 17 year old hacker. His electronics and software skills and interest have proved that he is a genius young guy. well done dude.. If you want more information on this just visit the below links.

Link1 on iPhone Hack

RF Remote

After a little modifications done to circuit and to the RX and TX code, i manage to use it as a remote controller. I fixed four buttons in TX side and receiver will detect which button is pressed and taddaaaa i can switch on an off anything that is connected to receiver board. I took some pictures so you guys can have a look at it...still planes are in my mind to design a cool thing..........

Transmitter modified

Receiver got command to switch on these 2 LED's

I need...

Here is some things that i want. First thing is to get 2.4GHz xbee module and next one is PLCC44 adapter. Xbee is Zigbee which is RF module with 2.4GHz and i need to try it.

RF Communication - END

Today i did some tests with the RX and TX circuits. First thing was to test the range or distance of it. Distance is quite good, cause i can roam around my home without any data loss. Theoretically the distance is 200 feet without any obstacles. Transmitter keep on sending "K" to the receiver and from the receiver side i have connected to a display and it displays if the connection loss, if data is not valid and the received data.

The purpose of this was to design a data gathering circuit. Which means you left your garage door sensor or the sensors in farm which detects soil temperature and everything to trigger the water sprayer to spray water.. all these actions can be logged from remote computer or a command center. I think this will be a cool thing and hope the example understand you what it is capable of doing.

Finally i manage to get a camera and some shots was taken and if you want to see more see flicker....enjoy the view..

RF Communication cont...

So far the transmission works fine. Now there have been changes made to the code for error correction and stuffs while the data is received. The TX and RX communication through wireless is successful and i am planning to go for a range test. I will put some pictures of the circuit once i get the camera. more details will come up when everything is is finalize..

RF Communication - Test circuit

Today i started to test some RF Modules that i have got from a friend. RF( Radio Frequency) Module that i have is a Transmitter and a Receiver, which communicate at a frequency of 433.92 MHz.
These modules are awesome because i have to feed serial data to it and it transmit using ASK or AM Modulation method. Still i am doing tests on the circuits and for the time being, the data transfered was successful. I will update you all once i complete the tests.

Model Mobile phone

This was a project i did very recently and it was a hit for me..
For the 2nd Anniversary of Wataniya Telecom Maldives, there challenging technical staffs built a model mobile phone and it was awesome . They came up with an idea to make the model phone work as an normal mobile phone, so they came and had a conversation with me how to make it alive? So i did gave them some ideas and gave a final idea for them.

I built a small circuit which can determine the input with the help of a small micro controller. The micro controller code was simple cause i also have done some experiments for my "Keypad with brain" project. So it was not tough.

When the circuit is wired up with the model phone buttons it will detect which button has been pressed and the circuit gives an serial out put to the PC. Up to this my part was completed and rest was completed by the wataniyans. The computer interface they built was kewl. enjoy some pictures.

FaceBook - Another addiction

These days everyone talks about facebook and dream of it. Its a community for friendship but some people misuse it and has been warned by facebook team. Its good because if there is no limitations or laws made, the clowns will misuse it and next day no one will use it cause someones personal information was leaked by an dummy person.

I have seen many guys doing these kinda shits. I also use facebook for a while and for me its cool one hell of a interface built by Mark Zuckerberg. His ideas are great and i do respect it. Used most commonly used PHP and Ajex to full fill the clients needs.

Facebook is an addiction sometimes if you are so deep in to it. Some people spend full time on it.. no job no money or nothing to eat but happily using facebook..kekeke . You have to have to have a limit for it too. ;)

If you want to know more about facebook visit the link and know who is behind the facebook.

Hello everyone

Its been longtime i did not post anything on this blog. Truly i was very busy with my company projects so spend almost all the time on it. I know many ppl blame me because i have not post anything...any ways lets start with a kewl IM Client.

I normally use Gaim messenger for chatting and its been long time i haven't tried it. So when i checked for a new version of it, it was named as Pidgin IM client. The interface is much better and support is great. I think you guys can have a try with this...


You can go to the above link and choose your OS..enjoy


Its been a week that i am totally away from my projects and concentrated on office ongoing projects. Sad to say this too...still i am not away from my stuffs, while i am writing this post my electronics stuffs are hidden in safe. Hopefully next week i will get time for it. so hold on for few days for an update ;)

PCB Development Chem Test

Last night i did some test with the chemicals which is used to develop PCB. For test i used piece of copper plated PCB sheet around 2 inch, and drew a simple circuit from a water proof pen and this circuit will detect infrared signal. For that i used a surface mount(SMD) LM358. I used surface mount chip because i want to make the circuits compact than now.
Even though i used a SMD chip i used normal 1/4 watt resistors in my circuit cause this time i did not order for the SMD resistors and stuffs. This was just a test for the chemicals that i have so the test is perfect. Chemicals are good to go for other developments. In my robo, the circuits will be surface mount ones.
This week i will do some positives to burn from chemical. Then it will look like an original circuit.

Season Break

After break i am back with the blog. Now i am designing a circuit which will be used in my robo. This will take quite long time for experiments and to implement. At last i decide to start it and i will update you guys very soon. ;)

A Keypad with a brain

As you all know in my previous post i have talked about an keypad which was designing. Finally almost the hard part is over. This keypad or controller based on three to four parts.
First is keypad part: Its 16 key keypad which i have design and implemented. Its 16 push buttons connected to the input shift register. When the user operates a button, the shifts will change it to serial format and fed to micro controller.

Second part is input shift register: It handles all the button activities. which means it will convert the button input to serial format. Actually the shits are parallel to serial or a MUX.

Third part is the brain: Brain of the this circuit does all the computing. The code that me and my friend whoknowz wrote was doing the conversion part to determine which button was pressed. Its kinda "AI" part. It was hard at first but later was easy to decode the whole serial part. The brain stores the password of this system and when the user insert the pass it will display o…

Input Shift Register mod

This is an updated version of the previous circuit. This one is actually a keypad. Soon i will code for storing password and tadaa it will be come 4x4 numeric keypad with other functions.

Input Shift Registers

This small key pad like circuit with an input shift register (74HC597) is a test circuit for input shift register. The shift register is parallel in and serial out register. The serial part is handle by the micro controller. For this test my friend wh0kn0wz was helping with bug in micro controller code. Thanks to him for identifying it. :P
This shift register can be used in key pads and other multiple controllers.


I am back after days spent away from blog. I was very busy with office works so i did not spend any time with my electronics stuffs. I am sure very soon i will pub a new experiment of mine. always give a peep to this blog..;)

Voltmeter completed

Long time back i have posted on regarding a voltmeter. I know it took long time to complete it. But this completion is quit modified from my older design. I used an PIC16F88 which has 7 ADC channels .Keke i used only one at the moment. But have many thoughts for an upgrade sometime later. Everyone will think how this fella works.

How it works?
The circuit was design for two different parts. One is Analog side and other one is Digital side. Analog side does all the voltage conversion part for the micro controller. This was done by an LM358 which is an Operational amplifier, otherwise known as Op-Amp. Huge value of voltage will damage the micro controller. The input voltage for Micro controller should not exceed 5V so this part is handle by the analog circuit.

Next is digital part which is the micro controller part which does all computing and display the result. This circuit is complicated for a newbie cause i used shift registers to handle the 7 segment displays. Micro controller output …


Finally i cleared my stuffs and i took some pic's just for starters who may wondering what are components. I brought resistors, IR Led, Op amps and surface mount IC's for my projects. So if any one interested to get components, let me know.

Stock arrived

Today i received my new electronic components stock and sad part is still i haven't seen it. Tomorrow will go to fetch it. If anyone want to buy any electronics component let me know. Cutz for now

Cut down the shift code

The shift register code i used before has been cut down to ten lines. This was done when i was trying the infrared thing. This is a great success for me for sure...;).
I am still working on the infrared project and waiting for my new stock of components to be arrived end of this month. If any one wants to get any component let me know. For now i am going to feed some processors.

Infrared(Invisible light)

These days i am trying some experiments with infrared lights. Its not visible to naked eyes and normally uses a camera to see the light. If you want to try that, get an infrared LED and power it up and use a web cam or any type of camera to see it. This is interesting thing.
I use infrared to make a remote control. RX and TX side will have a micro controller. TX will send date to RX and RX will do the rest. Now the TX part is totally completed by experimenting, still RX side experiments are going on. cause i need to make the code looks nice and short. Once this is finished you guys can have a try... ;)

Propeller Clock...cont

I almost spend two days on this experiment and just found that the new concept in this experiment works well. But the problem comes when we think of current. The current that i get is two low to power on electronics.

The moving transformer concept is cool one to experiment. ;) (this message is for electronics dudes out there). I wound coil on the moving part(150 Turns) of the fan and wound another coil that will be fixed around the moving part(200 Turns). Then i gave PWM signal to the GATE of FET which is connected to the fixed coil, at the frequency of 20KHz.

I used FET because it is capable of high speed switching then transistors. Finally i got an AC voltage across the the moving coil(7.8 V) and then i connected an LED just to check the performance. Actually the concept works (Transfer voltage to an moving coil). Bad part is the current is too low and if i want to increase the current i need to wound think gage coil and this will become expensive for this kinda small projects. If you…

Propeller clock begins

Today i will start the propeller clock project. It was hold for several months and after some new ideas plus researches i finally changed the propeller clock's electronics. Its bit changed with new tech and exciting things. So hold on for few days..i will upload pics and much more from the project.

Writing an library to shiftregister...continued

Now the code has been cut down to less that 30 lines. here is a part of the code...

test = 0b11011011;
else if(input(pin_a1))
test = 0b10011001;

value = bit_test(test,i);


else if(value==0)

Writing an library to shiftregister.

It seems stupid cause there are many cool libraries for shift registers, but for me i just need to try from my own one. It dosent' matter if the code is long or messy.. when i first trying to write this i separated all the parts. Which means a separate part for shift clock, latch clock and data, this way i wrote the code and it was more than 80 lines but later it was cut down to 30 something lines.
Now i have reach to my destination, it was to make an own library to operate a shift register. I think this way will make you understand how it works. I hope this will be a great idea for electronics hobbyists out there.
If you are new to shift register i can just give an hint. Its basically D-type Flip Flops, when serial data is inserted to it. it will out put the parallel data. Normally used to expand I/O lines.

Datasheet for 74LS595


Last week i was too busy with office projects and i did not have any time for my micro controllers..But now i am free from office work so i continued my projects.
I am designing a small circuit to operate a stepper motor and the circuit will detect the rotation/minute to get the RPM and send to PC. So from hyper terminal you will able to see the RPM. I am planning to get the direction it move. Soon i will upload some more description of it.

RS232- Serial communication.

I tested the communication between PC and Micro controller and finally my tests was perfect. I send an "Hello World" message to PC and from hyper terminal i am able to see the message. Bingo this is another way we can view data other than an LCD.
Later code for the temperature sensor and now the temperature is monitored using PC. So this way we can monitor remotely. I think i should by some wireless modules to interface the micro controller to send data. hope soonnnn..

Hot n Cold....

I did some tests with LM35DZ, which is a temperature sensor with analog out put. I connected it to micro controller's ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). The out put of the sensor is 10mV/°C After some calculations, ADC value was converted to centigrade.
Finally it works, i am able to monitor the room temperature from my LCD Display. At beginning i used an my multimeter to differentiate the sensor value and actual room temperature, the meter reading and LCD reading was perfect. After a while i got an idea to detect temperature and give alarm or warning. I modified the code and little bit and tadaaaaa i can verify the temperature variation. Actually i did was if the temperature is greater than 40°c, give an warning, lit an LED or drive a buzzer.
I think this is a cool one for these days. Cause its hot..

ADC- Analog to Digital Converter

This afternoon i was hard cording some ADC codes. Actual thing i want to do is micro controller's ADC will analyze the given voltage . Actually i am continuing my voltmeter project. I did analog part from LM358. actually an differential amplifier, it handles the high voltage and gives an out put range from 0 - 5 volt.
After some calculations i finally solve the puzzle. Now my micro controlled voltmeter is able to display variable voltage from GLCD (Graphical LCD). Next step is to fine tune the analog circuit and add a new feature or function to display load current.
Many experiments are hold for few days, thing is me too busy some times... ;)

Blog AD on LCD

These days i am fighting with LCD's, both graphical and character. I did some test c code and tadaa its there in the Graphical LCD. Looks so cute. :P

μ -Stepper motor controller

Today i found one of my old projects, actually experimenting stuffs. This is thing is a stepper motor controller. I think many people out there knows whats Stepper Motors are and how it works. Usually this type of motors are in printers and photocopy machines..etc. Actually the circuit i made was to interface a stepper motor to an micro controller IC so i can write a code to turn the motor to different degree and so.. usually this type of applications are used in Robots.
Before i wrote the operating code from assembly language and now i have changed it to C language and its simple and easily understandable for anyone. Hopefully some one will built a robot soon. ;)

Voltmeter continued

See some pictures of the voltmeter display board. Its not yet completed and will take few days to program and make a use of it. Problem is i am too busy and my friend wh0kn0wz is is also little busy with some projects. So once its done i will let you all know. For the time being enjoy the pic's. ;)

Voltage monitoring from Microcontroller

These days i am very busy with office works but spends time for my projects. The power supply that i am working on is still getting modified and to day i made the display part for it, hopefully tomorrow i will complete the brain part (Micro controller). Hold on for he pic's..... ;)

My new power supply.

Its been more than two weeks that i am designing a new bench power supply with adjustable dual polarity and non adjustable 5V. Which includes safety fuse and LCD or 7Segment display to monitor current and voltage.. but still not decided to which to put.
The transformer used in the power supply is re wound to make it center tap. Before it has only one coil in secondary so i disassemble the transformer and re wound it again for my needs.
The rectifiers are circuit's taken from a computer power supply from junk. The diodes in the rectifier is high current diodes so i planed to cut the part out from a power supply.
For variable +15V i used LM317 and for -15V i use LM337. Still i am waiting for my component orders. Once 5K VR arrives i will finish this project.

PWM, Fan controller

This circuit basically goes to PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). From this circuit i controlled a PC power supply fan. when the variable resistor is turned, the fan starts operating in a very slow speed and when the VR is turned more the speed of the fan increases. If you want you can just modify this circuit and use and temperature sensor and trigger the fan to cool the system. If you guys need the schematics for modifications, i can give it..

PIC Board..

I am waiting for my PIC micro controller board and this is my first time that i am using an original development board. All these days i have used my own designed programmer and test board. But once i changed my developing terminal for a laptop, it did not work. cause the serial port peak voltage from laptop is 7.5V which is useless for programming. At least 12.7V or 13V is needed to program a PIC micro.
My old programmer still works in PC . If anyone interested on it i can give you an schematic of it.


Hi, i am forbiddenhex and this blog will update you all the electronics projects that i am doing and planned to do. Before i haven't seen any Maldivians interested on electronics designing and development, but now things have changed much and i like to share my knowledge with all those who want to study electronics and need support for that.
within few days time i will upload some pictures of my ongoing project. So don't forget to peep.