Model Mobile phone

This was a project i did very recently and it was a hit for me..
For the 2nd Anniversary of Wataniya Telecom Maldives, there challenging technical staffs built a model mobile phone and it was awesome . They came up with an idea to make the model phone work as an normal mobile phone, so they came and had a conversation with me how to make it alive? So i did gave them some ideas and gave a final idea for them.

I built a small circuit which can determine the input with the help of a small micro controller. The micro controller code was simple cause i also have done some experiments for my "Keypad with brain" project. So it was not tough.

When the circuit is wired up with the model phone buttons it will detect which button has been pressed and the circuit gives an serial out put to the PC. Up to this my part was completed and rest was completed by the wataniyans. The computer interface they built was kewl. enjoy some pictures.
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