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NMAP - What is NMAP and what is it used for?

What is NMAP & use of it?Basically NMAP is a free security scanner and a network mapper mainly used by system administrators, hackers , pentesters and etc. These are few use cases of NMAP and there are tons of ways to use NMAP.Finding hosts in the networkports used by hosts and its statusFinding vulnerabilitiesInformation on versions and OS used
Basic NMAP Scan nmap -sP Ping multiple host to check if the hosts are alive or not

TCP scan (full open scan) nmap -sT This is a TCP connect scan. TCP connections are done with a 3 way handshake SYNSYN-ACKACKThis is otherwise called as full open scan

Stealth Mode Scan (Half open scan) namp -sS This is known as SYN scan / Half open scan / Stealth scan SYNSYN-ACKRST

OS detection scan namp -O
With this command you can get which OS the system is running. Example: Windows, Linux, Android etc.
NMAP with OS detection, traceroute, host discovery and more nmap -A
This is aggressive scan …

Voltmeter completed

Long time back i have posted on regarding a voltmeter. I know it took long time to complete it. But this completion is quit modified from my older design. I used an PIC16F88 which has 7 ADC channels .Keke i used only one at the moment. But have many thoughts for an upgrade sometime later. Everyone will think how this fella works.

How it works?
The circuit was design for two different parts. One is Analog side and other one is Digital side. Analog side does all the voltage conversion part for the micro controller. This was done by an LM358 which is an Operational amplifier, otherwise known as Op-Amp. Huge value of voltage will damage the micro controller. The input voltage for Micro controller should not exceed 5V so this part is handle by the analog circuit.

Next is digital part which is the micro controller part which does all computing and display the result. This circuit is complicated for a newbie cause i used shift registers to handle the 7 segment displays. Micro controller output …


Finally i cleared my stuffs and i took some pic's just for starters who may wondering what are components. I brought resistors, IR Led, Op amps and surface mount IC's for my projects. So if any one interested to get components, let me know.

Stock arrived

Today i received my new electronic components stock and sad part is still i haven't seen it. Tomorrow will go to fetch it. If anyone want to buy any electronics component let me know. Cutz for now

Cut down the shift code

The shift register code i used before has been cut down to ten lines. This was done when i was trying the infrared thing. This is a great success for me for sure...;).
I am still working on the infrared project and waiting for my new stock of components to be arrived end of this month. If any one wants to get any component let me know. For now i am going to feed some processors.

Infrared(Invisible light)

These days i am trying some experiments with infrared lights. Its not visible to naked eyes and normally uses a camera to see the light. If you want to try that, get an infrared LED and power it up and use a web cam or any type of camera to see it. This is interesting thing.
I use infrared to make a remote control. RX and TX side will have a micro controller. TX will send date to RX and RX will do the rest. Now the TX part is totally completed by experimenting, still RX side experiments are going on. cause i need to make the code looks nice and short. Once this is finished you guys can have a try... ;)