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iPhone Hacked by George Hotz

Its a great news to everyone who need an iPhone. George have hacked the i phone and he officially proved it. He is 17 year old hacker. His electronics and software skills and interest have proved that he is a genius young guy. well done dude.. If you want more information on this just visit the below links.

Link1 on iPhone Hack

RF Remote

After a little modifications done to circuit and to the RX and TX code, i manage to use it as a remote controller. I fixed four buttons in TX side and receiver will detect which button is pressed and taddaaaa i can switch on an off anything that is connected to receiver board. I took some pictures so you guys can have a look at it...still planes are in my mind to design a cool thing..........

Transmitter modified

Receiver got command to switch on these 2 LED's

I need...

Here is some things that i want. First thing is to get 2.4GHz xbee module and next one is PLCC44 adapter. Xbee is Zigbee which is RF module with 2.4GHz and i need to try it.

RF Communication - END

Today i did some tests with the RX and TX circuits. First thing was to test the range or distance of it. Distance is quite good, cause i can roam around my home without any data loss. Theoretically the distance is 200 feet without any obstacles. Transmitter keep on sending "K" to the receiver and from the receiver side i have connected to a display and it displays if the connection loss, if data is not valid and the received data.

The purpose of this was to design a data gathering circuit. Which means you left your garage door sensor or the sensors in farm which detects soil temperature and everything to trigger the water sprayer to spray water.. all these actions can be logged from remote computer or a command center. I think this will be a cool thing and hope the example understand you what it is capable of doing.

Finally i manage to get a camera and some shots was taken and if you want to see more see flicker....enjoy the view..

RF Communication cont...

So far the transmission works fine. Now there have been changes made to the code for error correction and stuffs while the data is received. The TX and RX communication through wireless is successful and i am planning to go for a range test. I will put some pictures of the circuit once i get the camera. more details will come up when everything is is finalize..

RF Communication - Test circuit

Today i started to test some RF Modules that i have got from a friend. RF( Radio Frequency) Module that i have is a Transmitter and a Receiver, which communicate at a frequency of 433.92 MHz.
These modules are awesome because i have to feed serial data to it and it transmit using ASK or AM Modulation method. Still i am doing tests on the circuits and for the time being, the data transfered was successful. I will update you all once i complete the tests.

Model Mobile phone

This was a project i did very recently and it was a hit for me..
For the 2nd Anniversary of Wataniya Telecom Maldives, there challenging technical staffs built a model mobile phone and it was awesome . They came up with an idea to make the model phone work as an normal mobile phone, so they came and had a conversation with me how to make it alive? So i did gave them some ideas and gave a final idea for them.

I built a small circuit which can determine the input with the help of a small micro controller. The micro controller code was simple cause i also have done some experiments for my "Keypad with brain" project. So it was not tough.

When the circuit is wired up with the model phone buttons it will detect which button has been pressed and the circuit gives an serial out put to the PC. Up to this my part was completed and rest was completed by the wataniyans. The computer interface they built was kewl. enjoy some pictures.

FaceBook - Another addiction

These days everyone talks about facebook and dream of it. Its a community for friendship but some people misuse it and has been warned by facebook team. Its good because if there is no limitations or laws made, the clowns will misuse it and next day no one will use it cause someones personal information was leaked by an dummy person.

I have seen many guys doing these kinda shits. I also use facebook for a while and for me its cool one hell of a interface built by Mark Zuckerberg. His ideas are great and i do respect it. Used most commonly used PHP and Ajex to full fill the clients needs.

Facebook is an addiction sometimes if you are so deep in to it. Some people spend full time on it.. no job no money or nothing to eat but happily using facebook..kekeke . You have to have to have a limit for it too. ;)

If you want to know more about facebook visit the link and know who is behind the facebook.

Hello everyone

Its been longtime i did not post anything on this blog. Truly i was very busy with my company projects so spend almost all the time on it. I know many ppl blame me because i have not post anything...any ways lets start with a kewl IM Client.

I normally use Gaim messenger for chatting and its been long time i haven't tried it. So when i checked for a new version of it, it was named as Pidgin IM client. The interface is much better and support is great. I think you guys can have a try with this...


You can go to the above link and choose your OS..enjoy