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Its here and its manual override controller

Its been a while that i am working on an autonomous vehicle and some major parts are tested and still going on with the project. For this project its better to have a manual override control via RC remote controller.  After researching the RC controller and receiver i have found out the RC remote controllers use PPM signals to control the servo and ESC. In one of my earlier post's i have mentioned reading the receiver outputs and tested how it can be controlled.
PPM signal out from the RC receiver.
I have on of my bixler controllers and finally able to use it for this project. Hobbyking 6 channel receiver and 4 channel transmitter is used for this and i wont guaranty that this will or will not work with your projects. The PPM signal will vary depending on different vendors. I read all the output of the receiver and log it for further reference.
Designing a circuit

Since the code will be very very simple i decided to use ATtiny13A-PU as the micro controller. Lets think of a way to …

Bootloading Atmega1284P Part-2

After the the part 1 of this episode i had some weird problems with the ATmega1284p. Sometimes i am able to upload the sketch via ISP and UART side also having some issues to upload sketches and use as an serial port. So i ask some assistance from the and explained whats going on with my 1284p.
Since i boot loaded it recently, i did not have any idea of what might be the cause. Finally bajdi from LMR replied me and after few conversations with him, he mentioned that he have used 1284p lots of time and this guy built robots, controlling lots of servo from it. So my boot-loading is perfect.

When i run single servo sweep sketch the jittering and wobbling starts and stops. So i planed to take the circuit out of bread board ( which have created problems and weird interference a lot for me) and build it on copper strip board which is in the image above.
With the proper smoothing capacitors and supply it worked. I manage to upload the sketches via UART side and controllin…