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Pi Zero

After a long Que of waiting for Pi Zero,i have received it. The size of Pi Zero is very small and compact comparing to other versions of Pi. I am not going to give a review on Pi but since i like the Raspberry Pi. i would like to give some information on what i did to test its performance. For technical details go directly to

 For testing purposes i installed OSMC and test as a media player and i am happy with the performance. Later i installed RetroPie and check how the new hardware performed. RetroPie is cool that it enables to play almost all the retro games that we played when we were young. :)

I am not interested of GUI so kept aside all the i candy parts and focused on controlling GPIO and runing python scripts and bash script for external hardware communication. Overall what i can say is the waiting for Pi Zero is not time wasting, Pi Zero is better and faster. Thumbs up for Pi Zero.
What i am thinking is to use the Pi Zero for my home automation project which…

Being away

Due to few technical and other issues i have been away from blogging my electronics project and experiments i do. Lets hope this start will be better than all the past years. I have few things which i would like to write some article that others get the benefit of.
Few months back i got my Raspberry Pi Zero and did some cool things using it. Recently i am on to IoT stuffs so i cam across few new things for me, like MQTT and integration of hardware to MQTT server ruining locally. Possibilities are endless, i can make my light talking to MQTT server and it will handle rest by communicating the hardware like Arduino, ESP8266, Pi etc. I will detail one by one on my next post.
Thank you everyone who support my blog and gain knowledge from my articles. Stay tune for more update from me.