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NMAP - What is NMAP and what is it used for?

What is NMAP & use of it? Basically NMAP is a free security scanner and a network mapper mainly used by system administrators, hackers , pentesters and etc.  These are few use cases of NMAP and there are tons of ways to use NMAP. Finding hosts in the network ports used by hosts and its status Finding vulnerabilities Information on versions and OS used Basic NMAP Scan nmap -sP Ping multiple host to check if the hosts are alive or not Screen capture of scan TCP scan (full open scan) nmap -sT This is a TCP connect scan. TCP connections are done with a 3 way handshake SYN SYN-ACK ACK This is otherwise called as full open scan Screen capture of scan Wireshark packet capture Stealth Mode Scan (Half open scan) namp -sS This is known as SYN scan / Half open scan / Stealth scan SYN SYN-ACK RST Screen capture of
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