FaceBook - Another addiction

These days everyone talks about facebook and dream of it. Its a community for friendship but some people misuse it and has been warned by facebook team. Its good because if there is no limitations or laws made, the clowns will misuse it and next day no one will use it cause someones personal information was leaked by an dummy person.

I have seen many guys doing these kinda shits. I also use facebook for a while and for me its cool one hell of a interface built by Mark Zuckerberg. His ideas are great and i do respect it. Used most commonly used PHP and Ajex to full fill the clients needs.

Facebook is an addiction sometimes if you are so deep in to it. Some people spend full time on it.. no job no money or nothing to eat but happily using facebook..kekeke . You have to have to have a limit for it too. ;)

If you want to know more about facebook visit the link and know who is behind the facebook.
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