RF Communication - END

Today i did some tests with the RX and TX circuits. First thing was to test the range or distance of it. Distance is quite good, cause i can roam around my home without any data loss. Theoretically the distance is 200 feet without any obstacles. Transmitter keep on sending "K" to the receiver and from the receiver side i have connected to a display and it displays if the connection loss, if data is not valid and the received data.

The purpose of this was to design a data gathering circuit. Which means you left your garage door sensor or the sensors in farm which detects soil temperature and everything to trigger the water sprayer to spray water.. all these actions can be logged from remote computer or a command center. I think this will be a cool thing and hope the example understand you what it is capable of doing.

Finally i manage to get a camera and some shots was taken and if you want to see more see flicker....enjoy the view..

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