Writing an library to shiftregister.

It seems stupid cause there are many cool libraries for shift registers, but for me i just need to try from my own one. It dosent' matter if the code is long or messy.. when i first trying to write this i separated all the parts. Which means a separate part for shift clock, latch clock and data, this way i wrote the code and it was more than 80 lines but later it was cut down to 30 something lines.
Now i have reach to my destination, it was to make an own library to operate a shift register. I think this way will make you understand how it works. I hope this will be a great idea for electronics hobbyists out there.
If you are new to shift register i can just give an hint. Its basically D-type Flip Flops, when serial data is inserted to it. it will out put the parallel data. Normally used to expand I/O lines.

Datasheet for 74LS595
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