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Its been few days that i was trying to get a damage mobile phone, any model is fine for the purpose that i need. Luckily i got a NOKIA 1100, which is an old series of nokia. The phone was in a terrible condition. I mean it was taken from water and some parts of the PCB was getting corroded.

I did some clean up work and wala.. it was well cleaned enough. So i did some research on the nokia 1100 PCB and connected the voltage links and gave 4V and it was on but nothing on the screen. screen is damage, which i don't need later but at start i need it so i fixed and put my SIM and it appears NO SIM INSERTED.. so i did fix that problem and wala.. the phone works fine.

Tonight i will take some pictures of it and post it here.. next step is little hard but will try it. Tonight nokia MBUS/FBUS will be wired and interface to my Laptop for further investigations..keke so keep on peeping.
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