Test run for Autonomous boat. 18-04-2014

Today we planed to conduct as much as possible test runs before sunset so we did three successful missions. For today's test new gadget was introduced to record video from front of the boat. So i modified a key chain camera( which the battery is damaged) and fixed a 3.7V battery to power it and it was gooood. :). I gave a name to this mod as "Go puroa".
Go puroa

All the three test was good but due to some technical issues an unattended guys the test was bit delayed. The boat traveled around 60 - 70 meters wider way-point locations.

Command center which uploads all mission way-points and manual override if any thing goes wrong (if the boat goes too from reach due to some error).

Few data result of the test . Even though the sea is not calm enough the boat tries its best to with the small waves.

videos will be uploaded soon once all videos are converted to up loadable format to YouTube.

Conclusion: There few code fixing to be done while calculating the next way-point. This is not a big issue or effect any mission runs. Problem is it does a 360 degree turn when going to next way-point. which is not a  problem but better ways are always there and testing will make perfect each and everyday.
Special thanks to onibe and nako ( aka whoknowz)

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