My first Android App

Hi everybody, i have found a cool website to built Android applications in a split second. Yeah in seconds you can learn how to code for your android device. Since i am not a fan of Apple's products i will not talk about IOS stuffs.
This is built by MIT and its one of the best product i found to develop for Android devices.

Within few days i learnt the basic and later built an wonderful app to control my Bluetooth modules.
This is how the coding looks like. Look how easy it is, just like a puzzle. For advance projects like these you need to refer to Android guide to know how some phone modules work with the command.

Here is some pictures of my app.

This a good and useful software for kids and schools. Instead teaching bullshit we can teach this to increase mind activities / practical involving others to learn coding for there daily use. For example i built this app to switch on/off light, you can built an app to monitor your plants health.
This test is done by connecting BT module to Arduino and Arduino sends the sensor value.
I am also working on such a project now and will update you soon.
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