TIPS#01: How to run a script as a Linux service?

If you want to run your own script for example a shell script, python etc as a Linux service, please follow this guide. I have tested and already using this methods and this works perfectly. In this example i am using an Ubuntu Linux and a shell script (which will run ngrok as service) if you want to know more about ngrok check out there website.

STEP#1: Prepare you script file that you want to run as a service.

once you are done with editing save and exit

STEP#2: Prepare the service

Go to "/etc/systemd/system" and create a file with your naming preferences but should end with a ".service" for example my file name was ngrok.service

This how the file should look like. ExecStart is where you define the script that you want to run. Once you done editing save the file and follow the commands as follows.

To enable the service 
systemctl enable ngrok.service

Reload the deamon
systemctl daemon-reload

Test the service

if you run "service ngrok start" it will start the service and you can type "service ngrok status" to check if the service is running or not and you can top the service by "service ngrok stop" command.

if it is running it will show as above image.
I hope this tech tip will help you in doing your own projects. Please do not forget to subscribe or give a comment in case if you have any questions.


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